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What are the things that can be delivered or picked up with Magic Carpet?

Magic Carpet allows you to say goodbye to the headaches of everyday errands and enjoy the convenience of having your products delivered. Finding efficient and dependable delivery services can make all the difference in simplifying our lives, where time is a valuable commodity. Magic Carpet has emerged as a game changer, providing a broad range of delivery and pick-up services in Qatar, Doha to meet all of your requirements.

Arabic Sweets:

Consider the ease of having your favorite desserts from renowned sweet shops delivered to your house, ideal for special occasions or simply indulging your sweet craving.

Online delivery services in Qatar.

Flowers and Gifts:

Do you need a last-minute gift for a loved one or a beautiful arrangement to make someone's day? The magic carpet delivery service will gracefully transport fragrant flowers and thoughtful gifts, ensuring that your tokens of affection arrive in excellent shape to their intended recipients.

make your day special with online delivery services.

Meat and Fish:

Even the freshest cuts of meat and fish could be swiftly transported from local markets to your kitchen. Enjoy the convenience of selecting the finest cuts without stepping out of your door, and enjoy the flavors of succulent meats whenever you desire.

Food delivery:

We take great pleasure in giving the joy of amazing meals directly to your doorstep in Doha, Qatar. We understand how frustrating it can be when your favorite restaurants do not provide delivery in your region. With our speedy and dependable service, you can now enjoy your favorite flavors from the comfort of your own home. Simply browse our extensive menu of restaurants and cuisines, place your order, and leave the rest to us. Your pleasure is our main priority, and we are dedicated to making your Doha dining experience excellent each and every time. With Magic Carpet, you can find convenience, taste, and delight all in one spot.

Eat your favorite food  with the help of magic carpet.


With the convenience of their magic carpet couriers, customers can rely on swift and efficient transportation of their packages, ensuring that their items reach their destination in a timely manner. Whether it's urgent documents, important parcels, or special gifts, Magic Carpet's dedicated team of couriers ensures the safe and secure delivery of each item.

Safe and reliable online parcel delivery services in Doha.

Chocolates and Cakes:

Magic Carpet is a specialized online delivery service that can bring mouthwatering cakes and decadent chocolates right to your home. Whether you're indulging a sweet tooth or commemorating a particular event, We make sure that your cakes and chocolates are delivered with the highest care and freshness. Their staff ensures that each confectionery surprise arrives in pristine shape since they recognize the value of quality and appearance.

Order sweets and cakes with magic carpet, your delivery partner.

Pet supplies:

Magic Carpet makes sure that necessary pet supplies are just a click away by attending to the needs of our four-legged pets. If you need food, treats, toys, grooming supplies, or any other pet-related items, our committed team will make sure they arrive quickly and reliably at your door. Magic Carpet relieves the worry of stocking up on supplies and guarantees the welfare of your furry friends thanks to their dedication to your pets well-being.

Pet delivery in your area.

Office documents and other essentials:

Magic Carpet offers a fantastic online pickup and delivery service designed for people who have forgotten critical office documents, keys, chargers, or even their lunch tiffin's because they are aware of the needs of a busy professional life. Magic Carpet's committed team will see to it that your neglected office necessities are swiftly returned to you, allowing you to continue working without interruption. Say goodbye to frantic searches and last-minute concerns.

Forgotten documents, no worry, we will delivery it to you.


To make it simpler than ever to fill up on necessary food and household essentials, Magic Carpet has expanded its list of services to include easy grocery delivery. Say goodbye to standing in queue and carrying heavy bags with Magic Carpet's supermarket delivery service. Simply place your order via their user-friendly website or app, and their committed crew will carefully handpick your things from reliable stores. Fresh food, pantry necessities, cleaning goods, and personal care items are just a few examples.

You ask we deliver, your parcel delivery  services in qatar.

Laundry services:

Simply arrange a pick-up, and our dedicated team will collect your laundry from your doorway, making the procedure effortless for you. Your clothing will be handled carefully and professionally, including washing, drying, and folding. When your laundry is clean and properly folded, Magic Carpet will transport it back to you at the place of your choice.

Laundry delivery services  in Qatar.

Magic Carpet has transformed the online delivery and pickup industry by providing a variety of practical and dependable services. We strive to make your life easier and more convenient by sending parcels, finding misplaced goods, bringing groceries and pet supplies to your door, and even offering washing services. They guarantee that each assignment is completed with the highest care and professionalism because of their dedication to excellence, prompt delivery, and attention to detail.

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