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Looking for Delivery Services in Qatar?

Whether you are an e-commerce startup, a flower shop, a pharmacy, a restaurant, or a health and beauty product retailer, we have smart solutions to cater to your unique needs.

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Parcel delivery Service in Doha app. We ship and deliver items to your home. Share your item list and we will deliver it to your doorstep. Get the latest updates and activities in Doha.

Send/Receive Packages Within Qatar

Magic Carpet allows you to easily send packages anywhere in the city, making your life easier and more comfortable. Discover the ease of Magic Carpet's online delivery services near you. We'll pick up and drop off your laundry, retrieve your keys, deliver lunch boxes from home to the office, and help you send or collect goods for repair. Magic Carpet offers same-day package delivery in Doha to help you simplify your responsibilities. Shop now and let us deliver convenience right to your doorstep with our Deliver Anything P2P service.


  • Set custom order items according to your need.
  • We shop your items and deliver to you.


Deliver Anything, Anywhere! 

Send packages with ease to connect with consumers, amaze clients, and streamline processes. Join us as a valued Business Partner to increase your visibility on the Magic Carpet Platform. Enjoy the advantages of online with us today.

  • Get realtime updates of your order.
  • Get in touch with your delivery partner realtime.

We'll deliver anything in Qatar.

We deliver everything you need to your house in 50 minutes or less. Our devoted team provides prompt and dependable deliveries of anything. Enjoy stress-free shopping by letting us handle all your delivery needs. Accept the ease of our online delivery services and save time for what really counts


  • Add hassle free order items.
  • Make payments online for a smooth experience.
  • Get Instant Support on your Orders.
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